Carolina Arriagada Peters

Carolina has extensive experience in international trade and investment having spent eight years with London & Partners, one of the world’s leading promotional organisations. She designed ambitious Foreign Direct Investment plans that attracted high-calibre companies to London from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, resulting in the creation of thousands of new jobs in the British capital. Her work ranged from developing value propositions for new and existing investors to managing complex pipelines of potential investors from over 80 countries and working with a wide range of stakeholders to reinforce London’s position as one of the world’s leading places to do business.
A systemic thinker with extensive knowledge of how ecosystems and clusters function, Carolina designed innovative services for investors and organised regular round tables with Regional Development Agencies to exchange best practice, facilitate peer-to-peer learning and share insights into the future of FDI. In 2015 she established Cities & Collaboration a consultancy dedicated to creating bridges between the private and the public sector to support international business and economic development.
Carolina regularly advises and trains locations on how to engage in conversations that secure investment, maximise international outreach, and also create sustainable opportunities that are aligned with the United Nations’ Social Development Goals.
Aftercare Explained is the first in a series of books on economic development.
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